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Guy Martin Archive

Since 2010, North One have made over fifty hours of documentary programmes with full time lorry mechanic, legendary TT motorcycle racer and part time daredevil, Guy Martin.

Along the way Guy has set several weird, wonderful and usually rather dangerous world speed records, going over 80 mph on both a downhill sled and a gravity racer, doing better than 110 mph on a bicycle and, in a terrifying live broadcast (for the North One producers, not Guy) he went faster than anyone in history riding sideways around a Wall of Death (also the biggest wall of its type ever constructed).

Guy has also been involved in a series of hugely ambitious historical reconstruction projects, looking back at Britain’s industrial past in The Boat That Guy Built and How Britain Worked – and focussing on British military history in Guy Martin’s Spitfire, Last of the Vulcans and World War One Tank.

Guy has also taken his unique worldview to a global level, with a series of travelogues, as Our Guy has visited, worked and raced …in India, Latvia, China, Russia and Chernobyl – with more travels to come later this year.

More recently Guy has taken on a series of F1 challenges – competing with legendary driver David Coulthard over a series of F1 car v superbike challenges (Guy Martin’s F1 Challenge), worked as a real member of a real pit crew in a real F1 race (Guy Martin’s Pit Stop) and finally, learned to drive a classic 1980s F1 car in preparation for a race with former F1 world champion Jenson Button (Guy Martin : Classic F1 Driver).

For promos please click on photographs below.

Guy Martin vs David Coulthard: f1 Speed Special - 1 x 60’ (Channel 4)

Guy Martin: Wall of Death - 1 x 105’ (Channel 4)

Guy Martin’s Vulcan - 1 x 90’ (Channel 4)

Guy Martin’s Spitfire - 1.x 90’ (Channel 4)

How Britain Worked - 6 x 60’ (Channel 4)

The Boat that Guy Built - 6 x 30’ (BBC)

Guy Martin: World’s fastest Motorbike - 1 x 60’ (Channel 4)

Speed with Guy Martin: (Series 1 - 4 x 60’) (Series 2 - 4 x 60’) (Series 3 - 3 x 90’) (Channel 4)

Guy Martin: F1 Pit Crew - 1 x 60’ (Channel 4)

Guy Martin vs David Coulthard: f1 Speed Special - 1 x 60’ (Channel 4)

Our Guy in China - 3 x 60’ (Channel 4)

Our Guy in India - 2 x 60’ (Channel 4)

Our Guy in Latvia - 1 x 60’ (Channel 4)